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What a gem! Before reading this book, I was truly at a crossroad. … I wanted something different for myself - a new career - a new definition of "Me". … Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal was the key to my self discovery.



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Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal is a new take on the old career search book. Through this book, author Judith Ellison Shenouda prompts readers to journal their way through relevant events from their lives to help them reach a career revelation. For book reviews and purchasing information, visit or your favorite online bookstore.

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal can serve as a friend, a confidante, and a guide. Throughout this journal, case studies inspire those who are in transition to the next phase of their worklife. This journal can be used to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act—whatever inspires and motivates the reader to go out and achieve a dream career!

What is Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal about?

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal is not the typical career book. Each chapter includes a story, questions, and Mad Lib-like affirmation. By encouraging readers to journal their thoughts about and responses to critical career questions, this book enables each reader to build confidence and self-esteem, and allows the brilliant career advice to stem from a process of self-discovery, and not dictated by the author.
How will it be useful?

Stepping into the career world or transitioning into a new phase in a career can be an intimidating experience. Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal can be the perfect, self-guided approach to identifying and/or finding the dream career. Chapters are organized into meaningful units that are manageable and actionable.
Who can use this book?

New graduates, displaced workers, workers wanting more from their worklife, those who would like to manage their future, or anyone looking to change their worklife for the better. Any reader who falls into one or more of the following categories can benefit by reading this book:

  • Adults exploring career options, directions, and changes
  • High school and college students taking courses in career exploration
  • Employees taking career development courses in corporate training programs
  • Outsourced workers taking career development courses in outplacement centers
  • Members of professional organizations taking courses for professional development units (PDUs)

How does this compare with other books on choosing a career?

Other books about careers tend to focus on providing answers. Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal asks the right questions to guide the reader to an exploration of his or her own interests and provide personalized answers to the important career questions. Through the act of journaling, readers cultivate their own answers to career questions and plan out their own futures.

What makes this book unique?

Each chapter of Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal begins with a character who is struggling to find success in his or her career. Then, while pondering the actions of these stories, readers are led through journaling activities to help reveal their own stories, before identifying their unique steps to achieve career success. Each section asks readers to own their own dreams, successes, and skills. By the end of the book, the reader’s story of career success has been written; they just need to live it!

 Where can I get a copy?

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal is available at and other online bookstores.

 How did the author learn so much about career success?

In her capacity as a business owner, Judy Shenouda has encouraged many adults and students to pursue their career dreams.

What feedback have you received about the book?

Readers are impressed with the focus on journaling through career experiences and the use of self-discovery to identify dream careers and tangible steps to take to achieve the dream career. Take a look at the reviews on





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