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Chip Mega Editor

Shenouda has put together a 12 step process to help you take the necessary steps on the path toward career success. … Through completing each activity, I learned more about myself as a worker and as a person than in all my years of schooling.

Kerry Meagher
Rochester, NY

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Shenouda Associates Inc. Presents Career Success in 12 Easy Steps Workshops

There is no better time than now to move your worklife in a promising direction. In this interactive workshop, you will learn 12 easy steps to career, professional, and business success. Whether a new graduate entering the workforce; a seasoned worker transitioning to a new phase of your career; or a parent, mentor, or professional who guides others in their career development, this workshop introduces you to Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal. During the workshop, you will use the technique of guided journaling to begin writing your own career success story. With your own copy of the book in hand, you can continue reading and journaling in the quiet of your home or office. Consider the value of journaling through all 12 steps in a small group setting or implementing Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal workshops within your organization!

A sought-after presenter at professional seminars and conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, Judy’s shares the knowledge conveyed in Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal with others through seminars, workshops, and keynote presentations. For a preview of the book, click here. The book can be purchased at and other online stores. To schedule a speaking engagement, please send your request to

What are your challenges?

  • Do you and your organization have a problem begging for resolution?
  • Are you strategically planning a path forward?
  • Are you confronted with an important business decision?
  • Do you have a project looming, but have no idea how to begin?
  • Do your written communications present you favorably?
  • When you select a new product, a new supplier or a new worker, do you use the right selection criteria?
  • Can you distinguish the keepers in your organization from the rest of your workers?

Our presentations can help!

Your challenges drive the content of each presentation. From the many articles that Judy has written and the numerous presentations that she has delivered, a wellspring of ideas is available from which to draw when crafting a speech that is just right for your organization.

With patience and compassion, sincerity and warmth, competence and energy, Judy guides and inspires, leading you and others toward greater self-discovery and appropriate action. She inspires participants to take pride in quality work, hone their skills and capabilities, demonstrate a strong work ethic, display a professional demeanor and show commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.

An experienced educator and communicator, Judy offers assistance, provides encouragement and applauds efforts and successes. She cares about others and introduces them to concepts and content that can make a difference. When delivering a keynote address, serving on a panel and conducting workshops, Judy strikes the right chord.


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