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Whether an eBook or a print book, an electronic or a print publication, we do so much more than writing grammatically correct content and fixing typos. We do major editing and reorganizing, eBook and book design, website and document design, template design and formatting, rebranding, converting file formats to be used with new applications, adapting content for new audiences, project management, knowledgebase management, and publishing in a variety of formats. You’ll see from the following stories that we love challenging work. Let us put our thinking caps on both for and with you.


Take a look at one of our many publishing services—creating infographics, graphical representations that convey information in a more direct and powerful way, increase engagement, and pack big ideas into small spaces.

Words to Images shows what we consider when wrapping words in images to convey information.

The collection of thoughts in A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts conveys the momentum required to transform a step into a stroll and a blog into a book.

Take 12 Easy Steps to Success outlines the path to career and life success as described in Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal.

Sweet-Talkin’ Toasts in Froggy’s World of Plenty and Giving Thanks in Froggy’s World of Plenty offer a look at the life messages expressed in Living Well in Froggy’s World of Plenty: Sweet Talk to Read Aloud.

A Plate of This and That serves up samples of the many delicious recipes and heart-warming stories in A Bisl of This, A Bisl of That: Eating Our Way.

The Writing Process shows our writing process as a garden grown from seed to bountiful harvest.

With words wrapped in images, our revamped Home page welcomes website visitors inside to see how we edit ourselves continually and never stop improving.

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